Hiatus, Part Deux

Dear Loyal Readers,

As many of you may have noticed, I have not been updating this blog nearly as often as I would like.  The reasons for this are many, but most are related to my school work, and increasingly, teaching duties.  If you read my mini-bio under ‘About Me,’ you’ll note that I am working on a PhD, and while, prior to this year, that meant only classes, I have recently embarked down that long, dark part known as the “Dissertation.”  I’ve passed the comprehensive exams stage, passed the defense of my dissertation topic, and now, have been cast into the unknown sea marked only with “Here there be Dragons.”

As such, I have decided to give official notice of a hiatus of operations here at Temp Track Plaza.  This doesn’t mean I won’t surface now and again to give some thoughts, and hopefully even continue with the Tempi Awards but what it does mean is that you won’t be seeing nearly as much of me for the foreseeable future.  I need to concentrate on the task at hand and graduate.  It might take a few years, which is like 10 internet years, but hopefully I’ll come back sooner rather than later.

Until then…good night, and good luck.

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One Response to Hiatus, Part Deux

  1. Hopefully things worked out for the best…

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